Important! Pls read before you post info here.

This is a field for the ICS office to release formal news, announcements and discussion.

Important! Pls read before you post info here.

Postby admin » July 19th, 2011, 11:47 pm

In order to avoid spam messages automatically posted at the ICS website, which are mostly attached in the existing posts in the first section, the ICS Official Bulletin Board, I have to configure that only approved users can post and reply topics in the first section. You can still post and reply in the rest sections, if registered.

What is an approved user?
- A real user, not a robot posting information automatically. An approved user can post and reply at any sections at the ICS website.

How to become an approved user?
- There are two ways: 1) If you have already posted some information at the ICS website, while we find it, we will set you as an approved user; 2) Send an email with your background to us, e.g., saying you are a student in geology at UD.
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