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Stratigraphic Guide: Subdivision of Complexes sensu F.4 in C

PostPosted: October 12th, 2011, 5:51 am
by bzoli
Problem: Nothing is written about the subdivision of complexes etc.
1. In case of intrusive complexes phases would be the appropriate subunits. This is not in quite harmony with the fact that word "phase" indicates something in time, not in the field (like "formation", "member", "complex" etc.).
2. In case of metamorphic rocks the simple rock names (without unit-terms) could be the names of the sub-units. For example, the "Ófalu (Metamorphic) Complex" could be subdivided into "Studervölgy Gneiss", "Kövespatak Quartz Phyllite", "Juhhodályvölgy Limestone", "Aranyosvölgy Serpentinite" and "Erdősmecske Amphibolite".
Proposal: A clear definition of how to subdivide intrusive and metamorphic complexes is needed on analogy of Formation/Member.