Stratigraphic Guide: Volcanic and Sub-volcanic Units

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Stratigraphic Guide: Volcanic and Sub-volcanic Units

Postby bzoli » October 11th, 2011, 12:17 pm

Problem: Nothing is written about the sub-volcanic bodies, and this generates problems.
1. These bodies are usually connected with volcanic units (effusives and pyroclastics) which should be named "formations". The sub-volcanic bodies are intrusive in the sense that their "stratification and position within a stratified sequence" is different from those of the volcanic (s.s.) formations. This would mean that they should be named "complexes" or else, not "formations".
2. In this case, however, geological units composed of effusive etc. and sub-volcanic bodies should be arranged into two units: formation and complex (or else), the close relation of which can be shown only in descriptions of the units.
Proposal: A clear definition of how to arrange and name sub-volcanic bodies is needed.
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