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Stratigraphic Guide: Lithologic Term vs. Complex

PostPosted: October 11th, 2011, 12:14 pm
by bzoli
Problem: Chapter 5, F.4 states: "Nonlayered intrusive rocks (...) require a somewhat different treatment. As lithostratigraphic units, their name should be composed of an appropriate local geographic term combined with either a unit-term or a simple field lithologic term. (...) it is more appropriate to use simple field lithologic terms such as "granite", "gneiss", or "schist" for these nonlayered units. Also appropriate is the use of the term "complex"". This means that the "unit-term" and the "simple field lithologic term" are alternatives and should not be used together. The practice reflected by the internet pages shows that this requirement is frequently abandoned.
Proposal: abandon formulating "unit-term" and "simple field lithologic term" as alternatives.