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GeoGalactic Chronology

PostPosted: February 20th, 2010, 9:17 am
by morbas
Using ICS Geologic Time Scale dates and referenced papers, a geologic 417M-year PERIOD terminus pattern appears.
1) Paleogene-Neogene -1Myr-ago
2) Cretaceous 71Myr-ago*
3) Jurassic 146Myr-ago
4) Permian-Traissic 200Myr-ago
5) Caboniferous ~286Myr-ago**
6) Devonian 359Myr-ago
7) Odivician-Silurian 416Myr-ago 1 to 7 : 417Ma
8) Cambrian 488Myr-ago 2 to 8 : 417Ma
9) Vendian ~563Myr-ago (Ediacaran-Varangian)*** 3 to 9 : 417Ma
10) Ediacaran ~617Myr-ago (Cryogenian-Ediacaran)*** 4 to 10: 417Ma

The 28Myr-ago Oligocene, and the Ordivician-Silurian (444Myr-ago) break are ~417Ma.
The P-Tr break (251Myr-ago) is approximately midway between the Oligocene and O-Si break.
Tilda indicates unconstrained state of the geologic art dates.
[3] Thorn: Terminal Cretaceous climate change and biotic response in Antarctic; USGS OF-2007-1047 Extended Abstract 096.
[4] Barrera: Global environmental changes preceding the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary: Early-late Maastrichtian transition. Department of Geological Sciences, Univ Michigan Ann Arbor 48109-1063.
Carboniferous contested date persists in present web sights, one being the Canadian Museum. The USG has recently updated in compliance with ICS [6]. This article statistically contends the earlier 286M date is accurate.
http://www.palaeontologie.uni-wuerzburg ... /casu6.htm
The Pre-Cambrian dates are 'unconstrained' but have historical dating.


Would you agree, this six period pattern suggest strongly that the Milky Way Galaxy has completely stratified the Phanerozoic ERA extending well into Pre-Cambrian?